A Civil Attorney is an attorney that focuses solely on civil law.  This category of law encompasses family law, corporate law, probate, tax law, business law, intellectual property, real estate, personal injury law, and more.  Civil cases typically deal with a disagreement between parties.   Civil law is separate from criminal activity.

How Civil Attorneys Can Help You

A civil attorney will help you reach a resolution in your disagreement with another person or company.  These disagreements can include contractual matters, custody disputes, divorces, as well as someone seeking compensation for individual or property loss or impairment.

If you are in need of legal assistance regarding issues such as a personal injury due to negligence or an accident, taxes, filing for divorce or custody of your children, all of these cases would fall under civil law and a civil attorney would be the best person to help you.

Typically civil attorneys have experience in multiple fields of civil law.  You will want to be sure that you check on the specialty of the attorney you are thinking of hiring to be sure that they will be the best person to help you with your case.

How Civil Attorneys Help Businesses

Civil attorneys can provide valuable assistance and legal advice for businesses as well.  They are able to advise what practices the business must enact in order to be compliant with civil law.  They can also help the business protect themselves by advising what they can do to prevent any civil court cases.  They can also help with getting the proper licenses for a business to be able to operate.

Qualifications for Civil Attorneys

In order for an attorney to be qualified to practice civil law, they are required to have a Juris Doctor degree which is also known as a civil law degree.  This degree is obtained from a college or university recognized by the American Bar Association.  Also, they must pass the state bar exam in the state where they will be practicing law.

Civil attorneys can help with many different cases.  The most important thing is to find an attorney that specializes in the field that you need legal help with.

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