Caring About The Community

Giving back is an important of the culture at Schulman, Roth & Associates. We serve. We contribute. We do pro bono work. We care.

Canton candidate profile

Canton candidate profile. CANTON CITY COUNCIL PRESIDENT. Elect one. Two-year term. ALLEN SCHULMAN JR.

1. Why are you running for this elected position?

I believe that I bring a wealth of experience from my community and legal background. My career has been spent fighting for the rights of local families and small businesses. In addition, as president of city council for the last three years, I understand the pressing issues facing our city and have been responsible for many innovative policies that have affected our citizens.

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An energy-efficient city?

Canton officials see audit as road to sustainability REPOSITORY STAFF REPORT CANTON An energy audit will study what it costs to heat, cool and operate city buildings and recommend what could be done to cut costs and be more efficient. The comprehensive audit and...

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Allen Schulman named Stark County Democrat of the Year

The firm of Allen Schulman and Associates salutes Allen Schulman on being named “Stark County Democrat of the Year”. Mr. Schulman received this honor from Stark County Democratic Chair Johnnie Maier for his commitment to the party and the 2004 election. Mr. Maier said “Allen’s leadership was instrumental in successfully electing countywide democratic candidates and in keeping Stark County in the presidential democratic column – the only county in Ohio to turn from red in 2000 to blue in 2004”.

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