Finding the best Canton personal injury attorney means doing a little research. It’s important that you are represented by a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge required to win your case. Your attorney should understand how personal injury cases work in the courtroom. In many cases, winning your personal injury case depends on what your lawyer does. It’s important you know what a good attorney brings to the table so you know exactly how to evaluate your options so that you pick the right attorney for your personal injury case.

What Is a Canton Personal Injury Attorney?

A Canton personal injury attorney is an expert at representing those who have been injured in some type of accident. This includes both physical and psychological injuries. Often, these injuries are due to the negligence of another person or someone who was careless, either deliberately or accidentally. Sometimes, these attorneys are called plaintiff lawyers or trial attorneys.

Also, a personal injury attorney focuses on tort law. This specialty has to deal with injuries, but it also includes things such as breach of contract or defamation cases. Tort attorneys are able to assist with private proceedings and civil cases. When you first secure their services, they will look at the facts of the case and work with you to determine the best compensation for your injuries. This isn’t always easy since they must consider the right compensation to cover both the expenses you’ve incurred already (medical cost, lost wages, etc.) plus compensation for the future.

When hiring a Canton personal injury attorney, you want someone who can help you receive the compensation needed to feel restored. These lawyers are also there to help discourage others from acting negligently or carelessly. When you’re the victim of any type of injury, it can be horrible. You want to move on and return to life as normal, or at least as normal as it can be. For that, you need the right ally.

Cases a Canton Personal Injury Attorney Can Handle

When you work with a personal injury attorney in Canton, it’s important that you know what types of cases they will be able to handle. Many of these experts can assist you with many different types of personal injuries. Below is a list of the injuries that a personal injury attorney can help you with:

  • Injuries from animals, including animal bites
  • Injuries incurred while walking or as a pedestrian
  • Burns
  • Injuries that occurred on a construction site, including injuries from equipment
  • Vehicular injuries, including those from cars, bikes, motorcycles, boats, and planes
  • Injuries caused by abuse from nursing home staff
  • Malpractice cases
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Insurance issues or bad faith accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Injuries incurred from using defective products

These are just a few of the cases that a Canton personal injury attorneys at Schulman, Roth and Associates can help you with. There are a number of other types of cases they can take on as well. It’s important that you work with an attorney who understands your injury and has experience in trying these cases. Those who have tried similar cases will be more familiar with your injuries and will be able to draw on their past cases in order to handle your case better. If you have any sort of injury that has caused injury to your body or mind, you need to have someone who can represent you correctly in court. That way, you can be sure you receive the right compensation.

What to Expect When You Hire a Canton Personal Injury Attorney at Schulman, Roth and Associates

When you retain the services of personal injury attorneys of Schulman, Roth and Associates in Canton, Ohio, you should expect them to represent you to the best of their ability. They should sit down and go over the events of your case, asking for more detail or clarification when needed. They should take extensive notes during the interview so that they have all of the information in front of them later. Next, they should do their own research into the accident. They will need to find out if anyone else was hurt and, if they were, how that case is going.

The next thing your lawyer should do is begin gathering all evidence needed to prove that your injury was caused by the defendant being careless or negligent. This can take a good amount of time, but while they’re doing this work, you should hear from them regularly. Your attorney should always keep you up to date on what they’re doing so you know where the case stands. Once all of the evidence has been gathered, the attorney can draft a motion. This starts what’s called discovery. Here, the evidence gathered is laid out to the judge and the other lawyer. If you’re going to settle instead of going to trial, this is usually where that process begins.

Finally, your Canton personal injury attorney prepares to go to trial. They will be there in court to show the judge or jury that your injuries were caused by the other party’s actions or inactions. They should walk the court through the events of the accident and show how the other person could have done something to avoid your injuries. Once that has been done and the other party’s witnesses have been questioned, it’s up to the jury or judge.

Schulman, Roth and Associates are Ready to Become Your Canton Personal Injury Attorney

When you’ve been injured, you deserve to be compensated fairly. You should receive enough compensation to cover all of your medical bills plus other expenses you’re likely to incur due to your injuries. By hiring an experienced Canton personal injury attorney, you can rest assured that you will be financially secure. Representing yourself in one of these cases is never a good idea. You need someone with experience and an understanding of the law to speak for you. This will ensure you’re compensated, plus it may help change laws or make changes to protect others. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

At Schulman, Roth and Associates, we are ready to assist you with all of your personal injury cases. Contact us at (330)456-4400 so we can discuss your case and your needs. This will help you decide if you would like to hire us as your Canton personal injury attorney.