Jury Verdicts & Settlements

We often hear people say, "this is probably too small for you". Justice doesn't come in sizes. However, if we can handle cases like these, we can certainly handle your case with experience, professionalism, and diligence.
2.5 Million Dollar Settlement in a Medical Malpractice Case

Medical malpractice case was settled for $2.5 Million – Schulman Roth and Associates

Over 7 Million in a wrongful death

Over $7 million earned for a wrongful death case – Schulman Roth and Associates

$750,000 Verdict in a Premise Liability Actiion

$750,000 verdict in a premise liability action case – Schulman Roth and Associates

Insurance Claim - $10.3 million settlement

Smith v. insurance companies
16-year boy catastrophically injured in automobile crash. Settlement reached with father’s insurance companies.

Railroad Crossing Crash - $11.5 million verdict

Gollihue v. Consolidated Rail
Dangerous railroad crossing results in catastrophic crash killing one man, severely injury another.

Job Site Death - $5.35 million settlement during trial

Courtney v. Albex Aluminum
Young father crushed to death while operating company vehicle known by management to be inherently dangerous. Bed collapsed killing young worker. 

Brain Damage/Medical Malpractice - $6 million settlement

Boros v. medical providers
Wife and mother improperly given dye injection despite chart notation listing “allergic reaction”. Catastrophic brain damage.

Railroad Crossing Crash - $4.8 million Settlement

Hicks v. Railroad company
4-year old girl catastrophically injured as a result of a defective and dangerous railroad crossing.

Product Defect - $5 million

Roach v. Para-Chem
Two carpet installers severely burned in an explosion as a result of a defective warning on a bucket of glue adhesive.

Job Site Injury - $2.5 million Settlement

Spuhler v. Waco Scaffolding
Young worker catastrophically injured as a result of company’s failure to construct scaffold. Company purposely alters work records to attempt to escape.

Job Site Injury - $2.5 million Settlement during trial

Jackson v. Jones Steel
Husband and father electrocuted due to company’s failure to provide safety spotters on job site.

Insurance/Bad Faith - $2.3 million Verdict

American States v. Sovereign Chemical
Insurance company purposely neglects its policyholder in defending a lawsuit against the policyholder and then cancels company’s insurance.

Medical Malpractice - $2.3 million Settlement

Brown v. Doe Doctor/Hospital
After delivering a healthy child, mother of three negligently bleeds to death.

Insurance Claim - $2 million

Poto v. Insurance company
Death and catastrophic injuries as a result of horrific truck-auto crash.

Job Site Death - $2 million

Tingler v. Jones Construction
Two workers electrocuted when company fails to provide adequate protection against high power lines close to a highway project.

Job Site Death - $1.8 million Settlement

Doe v. Jones
Young worker inadequately protected from furnace explosion.

Gun Show Liability - $960,000 Verdict

Pavlides v. Niles Gun Show
First case in the nation to hold a gun show promoter responsible for injuries to third party after teenage boys steal weapons and ammunition from the show. Reported in the Wall Street Journal.

Chiropractic Malpractice - $850,000

Lovell v. Klaserner
Women suffers debilitating stroke after negligent manipulation therapy.

Wrongful Death - $4.8 million Settlement

Hicks v. Railroad
Woman catastrophically injured and rendered quadriplegic after colliding a train at a railroad crossing which was unequipped with flashing lights, gates or other automatic warning devices.

Wrongful Death - $7.2 million Verdict

A Portage County judge issued a $7.2 million ruling against Amerigas in a civil lawsuit stemming from a massive explosion that killed two people and leveled a house in the Mogadore area in 2011.