Dog bites can be severe and it is important to understand your legal rights in the event that you are ever bitten by a dog.  The best course of action is to seek legal advice right away.  Until you are able to meet with your lawyer there are certain steps you should take in the event of any dog bites to help protect yourself.

Steps to Follow After Dog Bites

One of the most vital things to do after a dog bite incident is to identify the dog by some means.  You can identify the dog by finding out where it lives or who the owner is.  You will also want to seek medical care.  Depending on the severity of the dog bites you may need to call an ambulance or go to an emergency room.  Even with a minor bite, you will want to seek medical attention to prevent infection and possibly get a series of rabies injections.  You will want to photograph your injuries or have the doctor or nurse help you do so.  Photograph evidence of all injuries including bruises, torn clothing, and the location of the attack will be important in your case.

After you have been treated, the next step is to file a bite report.  You should do this even for a minor bite because this action can help protect future victims.  You can file this report with animal control or the Sheriff’s department.  Having a paper trail will aid those who may suffer any dog bites from the same animal.

Contact an attorney that specializes in dog bites sooner than later.  They will be able to help you navigate the laws in your area.  If possible, find out if the dog has a record of biting people in the past.  If the dog has been labeled as being potentially dangerous then the owner could be held liable for your and any future dog bites.

It is very important to understand your rights if you have had an encounter that has ended with dog bites.  Your attorney can help you along this path.  It is very important to not let these cases pass without consequences as the dog may find another victim.

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