There are many things that can cause a traumatic brain injury, and with millions of people experiencing these types of injuries annually, it’s best that everyone understands the basics. Not only can a traumatic injury to the brain cause long-term health consequences, but it can also lead to death. Even if the injured person is able to heal after the initial cause of the brain injury, the effects can cause the person to die prematurely, depending on what parts of the brain the injury affected the most.

What Causes A Brain Injury?

There are quite a few things that can cause a brain injury. There can be some type of implement puncturing the brain. The affected person can get hit on the head by a falling object or by a weapon. The person could slip and fall, hitting their head as they drop to the ground. Brain injuries can also come from accidents, such as getting into a car crash. No matter what caused the injury, the effects may still be life-threatening.

What Options Do Sufferers Have for a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Many states have legislation either set up or in the works, to help those suffering from a brain injury get by. The laws require that someone get a proper diagnosis and that the diagnosis includes how the injury is likely to impact the person’s life moving forward. There are times where a brain injury will lead to permanent disability, which can then qualify the sufferer for government assistance. Speaking to a lawyer about the cause of you or your loved one’s injury will give you a better idea if there is any type of financial compensation to be had, depending on how the brain injury occurred.

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