When it comes to hiring a civil litigation attorney, do you know when you need one and when it would not be necessary? Most people do not really understand the important times to make sure they enter the litigation process with a civil litigation attorney by their side. If you think that you may be facing a situation where this could be helpful, here are a few guidelines that may help you make that determination.

When You Need to Hire a Civil Litigation Attorney

Really the only time you would not need a civil litigation attorney is if you want to file criminal charges against someone or some company. This is typically handled by the police department on a local, state, or federal level. For all other instances where you are part of the litigation process, you should consult an attorney. This means that if you are going to court to dispute something like debt or collect a debt from someone you loaned money to if you have been discriminated against, if you were injured personally, or if you are seeking alimony payments, then you need to have an attorney when you go into court.

Important Points to Remember About Civil Litigation Attorneys

There are a few important things you want to keep in mind if you have to hire a civil litigation attorney. First, they will either work on a contingency basis, only requiring payment if you win, or they will set out a flat hourly rate for you that you should be informed of ahead of time. Second, you will want to find out the attorney’s experience, education, and reputation before hiring them. Ask for references, and call them so you know what to expect. Third, make sure that the attorney you hire knows the type of law that you are pursuing very well before hiring them. Each civil litigation attorney may have their own specialty, so find one that specializes in what you need most. Finally, if you are unsure if having an attorney by your side will help, call around and get a few opinions. This will help you see the benefits to having representation when you enter the courtroom for yourself.

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