Birth injuries are the last thing that any new parents want their new child to experience.   Caring for a child who has birth injuries can be difficult and stressful.  Adding the complexity and stress of a lawsuit to this already difficult time can prove to be too much for many parents.  However, the right medical malpractice lawyer can help lighten the load and assist you in discovering the truth.

How Medical Malpractice Attorneys Can Help You

Birth injuries can be caused by a number of reasons.  Sometimes the medical team can do everything correctly and there can still be an injury.  Unfortunately, sometimes they are caused by medical professionals making mistakes.  Your medical malpractice attorney will work with highly respected medical experts that will meet with you and your child to determine the extent of any birth injuries.  They will also work together to help you establish a plan for taking care of your child into adulthood.

A successful lawsuit verdict or settlement can help with the cost of taking care of a child that has sustained birth injuries.  Parents will be financially free to decide on medical treatment, education, and care for their child without having to worry about the restrictions of medical assistance and social security.

Lawsuit Deadlines for Birth Injuries

It is very important to talk to your medical malpractice attorney for information pertaining to the deadlines for your claim.  Keep in mind that despite the deadlines, it is never too late to reach out for assistance.

Your attorney can determine if the lawsuit will require a notice provision within 180 days of the birth injuries and take care of the necessary paperwork.  Some states have a statute of limitation that dictate how long a person has to file a lawsuit after the incident.  The months after a child is born can be hectic and pass quickly.  You will want to consult a lawyer as soon as possible after any birth injuries to allow them ample time to meet any deadlines.

Your medical malpractice lawyer will want time to conduct an in-depth investigation into your child’s birth injuries.  Gathering information and medical records can take several months so the sooner they are able to start on your case, the better.

If you believe your child has suffered any birth injuries, call Schulman, Roth and Associates today for a consultation.