Personal injury attorneys represent the cases of parties that claim the actions of another resulted in an injury of either physical, psychological, or emotional nature. Every claim that is to be considered against another party does not require the assistance of a personal injury attorney. Each personal injury claim is unique and therefore has a distinctive set of circumstances that dictate the potential need for the services of a personal injury attorney.

In some cases, the skills and reputation of an experienced personal injury attorney are enough to threaten a satisfactory settlement out of the damaging party’s insurance company, and therefore are worth the money spent for representation. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to refuse to settle on the matter of your claim in good faith, despite your every effort to reach an agreement. In such cases, a personal injury attorney can help you collect the damages that you need and deserve. You might find it useful to hire a personal injury attorney if there are many complex legal rules that apply to your particular claim. Additionally, you might also find it necessary to confide in the services of a personal injury attorney if the injuries that you sustained are severe enough to require compensation that differs from the norm.

Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

The following types of injuries will almost always require the help of a personal injury attorney to file, settle, or represent you and your case in the court of law.

Severe Injuries

In personal injury cases, the amount of the award compensated to you will rely heavily on the severity of the injuries that you sustained as a result of the accident. The way that the courts measure the severity of your injuries is to be determined by the amount in which you were or will be required to spend in medical bills, the length of time that it will take for you to recover (that is, if you will) and the type of injuries that were sustained. Therefore, more severe injuries require higher compensation, and the higher the deserved compensation the larger the gap in damages you might be offered. That is why for more severe injuries, it is always recommended that you rely on the expertise of an experienced personal injury attorney for representation.

Permanently Disabling or Long-Term Injuries

Some accidents or incidents result in a permanently disabling injury or one that will affect your appearance or ability to perform for a long period of time. These types of permanent or long-term disabilities should also be represented by a skilled personal injury attorney. This is mainly because determining the “worth” of such injuries can be very complex and difficult.

Toxic Exposure

In some personal injury cases, the plaintiff has become ill or injured as the result of exposure to contaminants in the soil, air, water, or even by way of ingestion of contaminated food products. Personal injury claims based on this type of exposure are very difficult to prove and often require the help of a scientific professional, which your attorney will arrange. Additionally, because chemical industries have put forth much effort to build walls of protection for their companies, it can be very difficult to come by evidence strong enough to prove them liable for injuries caused to the plaintiff. For this reason, hiring a personal injury lawyer for such claims will prove to be a wise decision.

Medical Malpractice

If you have suffered or are suffering from illness or injury as a result of the unprofessional, careless, or incompetent treatment of a hospital, laboratory, clinic, doctor, or nurse, then you should consider hiring a personal injury attorney to represent your claims. The legal rule involving the medical field and medical questions are both complex areas and therefore greatly benefit from the guidance of a personal injury attorney.

Refusal to Pay on Behalf of the Defendants Insurance Company

In some cases, regardless of how severe the injuries sustained, loss of ability to work, and therefore wages lost, the defendant’s insurance company will still refuse to pay damages to the plaintiff. In these instances, it is worth paying the fee that is associated with getting proper representation from a skilled personal injury attorney rather than to forgo any damages to be paid to you at all.

Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney to Represent You

It can be challenging to find the right personal injury attorney to represent your case because not just any personal injury attorney will do. Take your time and do your research when in search of the perfect personal injury attorney. It can sometimes prove helpful to consult family members or close friends for attorney recommendations. Even if the attorney they recommend is not a personal injury attorney, he or she might have a helpful recommendation of a reputable one that might be of assistance to you and your claims.

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