While knowledge is your most powerful tool, there are other things you can do to reduce the chance of being injured as a result of medical malpractice.

For routine illness, visit your doctor’s office and avoid the emergency room.  For emergencies, the ER is your best option, however, for minor injuries or illness, it is best to visit your regular doctor or go to a walk-in clinic.  Since emergency rooms are intended to treat emergencies and the critically ill, it is better to not expose yourself to any additional bacteria or contagious illnesses.  The high-stress environment of the emergency room can occasionally lead to medical malpractice so it is best to only use the ER for a true emergency.

If you are undergoing a major medical procedure then you should be sure that you are accompanied by a friend or loved one who is able to act as your representative.  They will be there for you to talk to and may prove to be a valuable asset by thinking of questions or concerns that you may not have thought of yourself.  They may also be able to provide insight from their own experiences or they may have knowledge that can help protect you from medical malpractice.

When dealing with medication it is important to read the insert about side effects that come with the medication.  It is also extremely vital that you understand the dosage instructions, if dosing instructions are confusing or seem excessive, it could be a misprint that may lead to medical malpractice.  If you have any questions be sure to ask your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist.  They are all there to help you and any confusing instructions should be addressed to make sure that you are getting the correct dosage.  It is also very important to make sure that the medication will not cause problems with any other medications you may be on.  Always inform your doctor and pharmacist of any other medications you are taking to make sure that they are safe to combine.

The most effective way to protect yourself and your family from medical malpractice errors is to seek out the best care possible.  Research doctors before you commit.  Ask questions, educate yourself, and find the best possible doctor for your situation.

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