There are many misconceptions when it comes to understanding the difference between nursing home abuse and neglect. While there are some aspects to inappropriate behavior that fall under both, there are also some distinct differences. Neglect may happen entirely on its own, but is most often accompanied by some type of abuse, so learning how to spot both is important when considering putting someone you love in a nursing home.

When Nursing Home Abuse Includes Neglect

While nursing home abuse is some type of intentional harm coming to a resident of a nursing home, neglect is an intentional avoidance of necessary care the resident needs. Most of the time, when a resident faces abuse, he or she also faces neglect in some fashion. For example, part of emotional abuse often includes some type of intimidation followed by some type of ignoring of the resident, in order for the abuser to make his or her point. If during that time the resident is ignored, some type of necessary care, including proper emotional care, is withheld, then that is both nursing home abuse and neglect.

What To Do When You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

There are two avenues that you can take when you suspect nursing home abuse. First, if you believe your loved one to be in danger, you can remove him or her from the facility and you can get the authorities involved. This will help protect your loved one and the other residents of the facility immediately, and force changes if the abuse is, in fact, happening. Second, if you believe your loved one is safe for the time being, you can force changes by taking legal action. While the facility is not likely to be happy with this course of action, it will ensure that your loved one is no longer put in harm’s way.

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