When it comes to nursing home abuse, there are many different types of abuse that could qualify. It does not mean that someone is beating up and physically abusing the person residing in the nursing home. Instead, it can be talking down to that person and making them feel depressed, or even taking their money and financially abusing them. Consider the most common types of nursing home abuse, and make sure any loved one you know that is living in a nursing home is not falling victim.

The Main Types of Nursing Home Abuse

There are four common types of nursing home abuse: physical, financial, sexual, and emotional. Physical abuse is causing physical harm to the person living in the nursing home through actions like shoving, hitting, or restraining the individual. Financial abuse consists of manipulating or stealing items of value from the person living in a nursing home for any type of financial gain. Sexual abuse is when there is any type of unwanted and non-consensual sexual contact and is often done with some type of physical and/or emotional abuse. Emotional abuse consists of someone inflicting intentional emotional distress on someone else, through tactics such as humiliation, ridicule, or intimidation.

How to Avoid Nursing Home Abuse

When someone you love lives in a nursing home, make sure you have regular contact with that person. Take them out of the nursing home whenever possible to have a conversation with them about how life is for them. If you suspect that any type of nursing home abuse is taking place, you need to report the abuse. After all, if your loved one is being abused, the likelihood is that other residents are being abused as well.

Nursing home abuse is unacceptable, no matter what type it is. No one should ever have to live like that. Protect those you love by making sure that you don’t sit idly by and allow them to be abused. Be an active part of their lives, and always allow for open and honest communication so you will know if anything ever goes wrong.

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