Motorcycle accident lawyers are there to protect you when you or a loved one has been in a serious motorcycle accident. While motorcycle accidents aren’t necessarily more common than typical traffic accidents, the consequences can be more severe.

The offices of Schulman, Roth and Associates in Canton, Ohio recognizes the unique needs of those who’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident and have experienced motorcycle accident lawyers standing by waiting to help you and your loved ones through this difficult time.

Facts about Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle accidents are between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle. Only about one-quarter of motorcycle accidents involve only the motorcycle or the motorcycle and a fixed object. The primary cause of motorcycle accidents involving passenger vehicles is caused by the other vehicle not failing to yield to the motorcycle or violating their right-of-way. This is typically caused when the other motorist fails to see the motorcycle in traffic at all, or until it is too late to take proper action. Most frequently this occurs when the motorcyclist is driving in a straight line and a passenger automobile makes a left turn in front of or into the oncoming motorcycle, making intersections the most likely place for these accidents to occur. In about half of these accidents, the driver of the passenger vehicle fails to see or yield to the motorcycle due to the view of the motorcycle being obstructed by glare or other vehicles.

Since visibility is a big problem for motorcycles, it is critical that they utilize their headlamps even during daylight hours and wear high visibility colors to ensure that other motorists can fully see them. It’s also important to raise awareness to other motorists to encourage them to continuously be on the lookout for motorcycles.

The typical motorcycle accident allows the rider on the motorcycle less than 2 seconds to take collision-avoidance action. This isn’t much time to avoid a collision altogether, but in some cases, they are able to lessen the impact. The injury likelihood in motorcycle accidents is extremely high. In 98 percent of collisions involving a passenger vehicle, there is at least some injury to the motorcycle driver. Of that 98 percent, 45 percent of incidents result in a moderate to severe injury.

The most common injuries sustained by motorcyclists involve injuries to the foot or ankle, lower leg, the knee, or the thigh. Crash bars have not been shown to be an effective countermeasure to injury because the reduced likelihood of injury to the ankle and foot area is balanced by an increased likelihood of injury to the rest of the leg. What has proven to be effective injury protection for motorcyclists in addition to helmets are heavy boots, jackets, and gloves. These items help reduce or even prevent abrasions and lacerations which otherwise may occur upon contact with the pavement. The deadliest injuries sustained to motorcycle riders are injuries to the head when riding without a helmet and injury to the chest. The use of a helmet has proven to be the most reliable and effective source of protection against head injuries. A full facial helmet offers more protection than other varieties and also protects against facial injuries. Riders wearing helmets statistically show fewer neck injuries than those who don’t wear a helmet, further confirming that wearing a helmet is one of the best forms of protection.

Benefits of Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident, then it’s a good idea to speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer. Due to the exposed nature of motorcyclists, it is far more likely that they will suffer serious injury in the event of an accident. These medical bills can accumulate quickly and, when combined with a loss of wages, can make for a detrimental combination for the family finances. A motorcycle accident lawyer will be your advocate while you or your loved one is recovering. They’ll make sure that all the paperwork is taken care of and that the insurance claim is adequately settled based upon their settlement demand. Most motorcycle accident lawyers will provide you with a consultation free of charge along with case analysis.

Your motorcycle accident lawyer will apply their expertise to your case to help ensure that you or your loved one are taken care of in the event that you or your loved one are involved in a motorcycle accident. It’s important that you and your loved one focus on recovery after the accident and trust your motorcycle accident lawyer to do everything they can to seek compensation.

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