Motorcycle accident lawyers play an essential role in winning a motorcycle accident case. Many victims want to know when they first call Schulman, Roth and Associates, how long their case will take to resolve. The answer to this question is highly contingent on many factors and it is important to understand that if you have been a victim in a motorcycle accident that it will take time for your motorcycle accident lawyer to get you the restitution that you deserve.

If you are an injured motorcyclist the chances are that your injuries are severe and that you want to know when the other party will be held liable for their actions and to what extent. This is understandable.

Motorcycle accident lawyers have one of the toughest jobs around, as motorcycle accident cases are arguably some of the most difficult to litigate. Because motorcycle accidents are oftentimes much more complex due to the degree in which the defendant has been injured, the surrounding factors that affected the accident, and other contributing factors, your motorcycle accident lawyer therefore will have a difficult fight ahead of them. Additionally, many motorcyclists believe that there is an inherent bias surrounding them and that they are judged more harshly, or less fairly than other accident victims who might have been involved in a passenger vehicle accident.

These complexities, among many others, have a lot to do with the complications that generally surround motorcycle accident cases. That is why it is so critical that in order to win your case you hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. When you do, your Schulman, Roth and Associates motorcycle accident lawyer will ensure that you are aware of your rights. He/she will also make sure that you take the proactive steps necessary to protect yourself as a victim.

Steps to Take to Strengthen Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Some of the steps that your motorcycle accident lawyer might recommend to ensure your case’s success include the following suggestions.

Seek Medical Assistance

Many motorcycle accidents involve very serious injuries to the brain and/or head. Other injuries might include trauma to the spine, fractures, and even paralysis. A lot of times the victim will be found unconscious after the accident. If this is the case, they will be transported to the emergency room, whereupon waking up the victim’s motorcycle accident lawyer will recommend that they stay until the healthcare provider allows clearance for discharge. If you, as the victim, are conscious following your accident, your lawyer will likely recommend that you seek medical assistance or treatment. Even if you believe that your injuries are not serious or are not pertinent to this particular accident, your motorcycle accident lawyer will likely still recommend that you get treatment for the betterment of your case. This will help them to establish the timing of whatever injuries do exist, as well as link the accident to injury.

Continued Medical Treatment

Your motorcycle accident lawyer may also recommend that you continue to receive medical treatment, or adequately follow your physician’s treatment regimen, as this too will ultimately prove relevant to your case. It is imperative that you follow all instructions given to you by your healthcare provider, which might include staying out of work for a given amount of time, or foregoing other activities until you are cleared to resume. You can expect that before your motorcycle accident claim will settle in court, it will be required that you fully complete any and all recommend medical treatment. This will prove relevant in determining the amount of damages owed. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to justify lower settlements or deny claims based on the sole fact that the plaintiff did not follow medical advice. That is why your motorcycle accident lawyer will stress your treatment throughout the process.

Call 911

Regardless of whether or not you believe that the accident is worthy, call the police. This is an important documentation factor. The police report will contain all vital information with regards to the accident should anything ever make its way back to you.

Do Not Fix Your Motorcycle

Though this bit of advice is not the easiest to accept, it should be relatively easy to understand. Motorcycle accident lawyers recommend that you do not fix your bike because it might serve as one of the biggest pieces of evidence in your case. Not only will your bike show the severity of the accident, but it also might serve a critical purpose in allowing experts to reconstruct the accident in order to remove any shadow of a doubt that may have been placed on you by the defendant or their insurance company. In the end, your bike can assist in proving the authenticity of your claim.

Document the Accident

If you are able to do so after the accident take care to take as many pictures as possible. These pictures might serve as invaluable evidence and ultimately help your motorcycle accident lawyer to steer the case in your favor. Additionally, it is a good idea to have your medical provider document your injuries by taking pictures before and after treatment.

Gather any witness information that you can while on the scene, if possible. Including names and contact information.

Track Your Expenses

Keep a running list of all expenses incurred that are directly related to your accident. This includes not only medical expenses but also property damage and time lost from work. Be sure to give this information to your motorcycle accident lawyer.

Stay Off Social Media

Your motorcycle accident lawyer might also recommend that you steer clear of social media. Especially when it comes to talking about the accident. It is not uncommon for a careless mention of something pertaining to the case on social media to comprise the victim’s entire opportunity for restitution. Not only that, but the defendant’s insurance company will likely be fishing as to indicate any hint that the plaintiff’s assertions are false. For example, if the victim is taking part in certain activities that might suggest the injuries are not as severe as indicated.

If you have been a victim in a motorcycle accident, call the law offices of Schulman, Roth and Associates today at (330) 456-4400 to speak with a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer. Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers will work tirelessly to get you the compensation that you deserve and get you on with your life as quickly as possible.