When you have narrowed your search to just a few options, it is highly recommended that you visit each facility in question.  This will allow you to look for certain things that could indicate neglect or nursing home abuse.  During your visit, pay close attention from the time you enter the building to everything around you.  There are details everywhere that could hint at neglect or nursing home abuse that may not be obvious if you don’t know what to look for.

Take in the sights and smell of the nursing home.  Sometimes a good look around can show you things that you may have missed with a quick glance.  Are the floors dry and clean?  Does the facility smell clean?  A dirty or unsafe environment could indicate nursing home abuse or neglect.

Look at the other residents.  Seeing the other residents clean, dressed, and engaged in some form of activity are all good signs.  What activities are the residents participating in?  It is important to have a variety of activities and events to engage their minds and bodies.  You could ask to speak to the activities director for a copy of the activity calendar.  Signs of nursing home abuse and neglect are not always obvious at first glance, but with a closer look, you may notice small details that could mean something is wrong.  Trust your instinct and ask questions if you have a concern.

You may also wish to speak with the Administrator of the center.  The administrator can provide powerful insight into the conditions of the nursing home as well as discuss any cases of nursing home abuse or neglect that may have been mentioned.  It is important that the administrator is experienced in their job.  An inexperienced administrator may miss signs of nursing home abuse or have a hard time managing the staff and happenings of a busy nursing home.  Feel free to ask for the results of the past two state inspections.  This can alert you to any possible nursing home abuse or reoccurring problems that the facility may have.

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