After any type of injury that winds up in court, the injured person needs to figure out what type of personal injury damages to ask for. You need to know what types of figures to add in, and what to realistically expect when standing in front of a judge. If you are not sure which figures to include, then look at some of the important types of injuries that you, as the injured party, have the right to include.

Expenses to Include in Personal Injury Damages

When facing an injury that has the potential to change your life, you need to make sure you include all of the right information the first time. Should you accidentally leave it out, you may not be able to ask for more later. Here are a few of the most important types of expenses to include in your personal injury damages.

  • Expenses that you will need to cover your medical issues from the day the accident happened until you are able to be back up and running like normal
  • Damage that was done to your property, such as your home, car, or other personal belongings (this is typically used for accidents involving a vehicle, but can be used for other injuries)
  • The amount of money you have lost from work since the accident, plus the amount of money you will continue to lose from work due to your accident until you have recovered
  • Pain and suffering damages to cover the turmoil you have gone through since the accident

These are very broad categories. You will need to seek out someone that has experience in these numbers on your side, in order to make sure you are asking for a reasonable amount of personal injury damages. Should you ask for too little, your bills may not be covered until you are fully healed. However, if you ask for too much, you may be looked at poorly in the eyes of the court. Your personal injury damages must be realistic and go in accordance with the injury you suffered.

Should you need help figuring out your personal injury damages, contact Schulman, Roth and Associates today and let us help!