Accident Lawyers can represent you in personal injury cases where you’ve sustained an injury due to the negligence of another party. One of the primary types of personal injury cases involves slip and fall accidents. It can be difficult to focus on the challenges of your personal injury case while you are recovering so hiring an accident lawyer may be your best chance at winning your case.

Everything You Need To Know About Slip and Fall Cases

The biggest question that you’ll need to prove in regard to your slip and fall claim is the actual location of the fall. When a person slips and falls in a public business or area or a privately owned business, compensation may be awarded for the medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The circumstances surrounding the fall will play a major role in the development of your case. You would also need to show that the defendant showed negligence that contributed to your injury.

A slip and fall accident can have a severe outcome, especially for the elderly. Slip and fall accidents involving elderly people are very likely to cause spinal cord injuries. This is a very serious injury associated with high medical costs and long recovery time. Studies show that 40 percent of all spinal injuries are a result of slip and fall accidents. Senior citizens suffer these spinal cord injuries more than any other age group.

Hiring an accident lawyer such as the experts at Allen Schulman and Associates in Canton, Ohio to represent you during your case can help ensure that you get adequate compensation for your injury so that you aren’t stuck footing the bill for doctor’s appointments, medications, and physical therapy.

How an Accident Lawyer Can Help With Your Slip and Fall Case

Property owners can be held liable for injuries to people that occur on their property this falls under premises liability theories. A claim can be filed against the business owner if negligence has caused personal injury to a person. For example, if there’s a buildup of ice or snow on the walkways and a person slips, falls, and sustains an injury, then you may have a claim against the owner. Similarly, if someone is injured on someone’s private property then the homeowner may be held responsible if care or instruction wasn’t provided about the dangers. Property owners and business managers are required to prevent or take care of hazardous conditions. If there is a hazard that isn’t addressed and it causes an incident that leads to an injury, then they may be proven to be negligent. If they have been shown to be negligent then your accident lawyer will fight to ensure that you receive adequate compensation.

It is also possible to file the personal injury claim against more than one person depending on the circumstances surrounding the injury. In the event of an employee getting hurt on a job site, for example, they are entitled to their workers’ compensation benefits but may also file a civil claim against the building owner or owner of the job site for not providing safe working conditions.

It is the victim’s burden to prove negligence, which is why it can be so beneficial to hire an accident lawyer. They will be familiar with the laws in your state along with the burden of proof and help you validate and finalize your claim. The conditions at the building must be documented properly in the claim. Your accident lawyer will know what information needs to be collected and compiled for your case. It’s also helpful if photographs are provided along with descriptive details to help give everyone a clear picture of how the injury was sustained. If the fall and injury were due to weather issues, then the weather will also need to be documented for your case.

Without the correct information and proof of negligence, your case could fail. It’s extremely important that everything is documented properly in order for you to have the best opportunity for compensation due to your injuries.

Why Hiring an Accident Lawyer sooner is Better than Later

It’s important that you take action sooner rather than later in regard to your personal injury claim. This is due to a statute of limitations that are placed on these types of claims. There are specific time limits that you must follow when filing your claim. Your accident lawyer will be able to go over all of these time limits with you to be sure that you understand the process.

The time limitations vary depending on the situation and facts surrounding the injury. Different accidents can have different statutes of limitations. Once the time limit has passed, you will no longer be able to file your claim. It’s best not to wait and to consult an attorney right away if you’ve been injured. The accident lawyer specializes in cases such as these and will want to discuss the event with you right away to get your version of events while it is fresh in your mind. They will help you gather and organize all data for your case before presenting it.

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