Accident lawyers represent individuals who have been hurt in an accident at the fault of an outside negligent party. Surely you have seen the ads on television urging individuals who have been hurt in an automobile accident to call an accident lawyer and surely you, along with many other individuals, have wondered under what circumstances exactly you should contact an accident lawyer. These ads usually do make it a point to make you aware that it is in your and your case’s best interest to contact an attorney as soon as possible, or you might lose your right to sue, but that is about all they tell you. Which leaves a lot of room for uncertainty – when is an accident lawyer needed and how much time exactly do you have to contact one after an accident?

When Do I Not Need An Accident Lawyer?

Generally speaking, the most clear-cut and simple cases really do not necessitate an attorney’s assistance. However, determining whether or not your case is, in fact, simple or cut-and-dry, might prove rather difficult. That is why it is always recommended that if you were seriously injured in an accident, you contact an accident lawyer for a consultation of your case; where the attorney will take the time to review the case material to determine whether or not you would likely be owed damages.

With regards to the ‘simplest’ of cases, such simplicity lies in the overall clarity of the accident (for example, the other party was clearly at fault and has made it a point to acknowledge it); and/or how severe the injuries are (i.e. low medical bills and minor injuries); also the complexity of the case with regards to extenuating circumstances. The term ‘extenuating circumstances’ meaning does the overall nature of the case require further investigation, such as if the injured party had pre-existing injuries to the same body parts that were affected in the accident, which ultimately complicates the situation. Not only that, but an accident lawyer might also be helpful if there are any questions surrounding the statute of limitations or uncertainties about insurance coverage.

In many cases where the injured party starts out representing themself, they will later seek the help of an experienced accident lawyer – as the case proves to be more complicated than they had originally thought.

Consider seeking the help of a practiced accident lawyer if:

  • You are uncertain of how to evaluate your claim
  • Liability in the matter is unclear or could potentially be shared among both of the involved parties
  • The claims adjuster requested that you provide them with past medical records from before the accident occurred
  • The adjuster has offered you a structured settlement, as opposed to lump-sum compensation
  • You have been made an offer by the adjuster and you believe that your case and your injuries are worth much more
  • You are uncertain of your ability to negotiate a satisfactory settlement on your own behalf
  • Your “lost wages claim” is difficult to prove because you are a business owner, a consultant, a salesperson, etc.

Absolutely seek professional assistance from a skilled accident lawyer if:

  • The negligent party’s insurance company has denied your claim and you believe that they are incorrect in their denial
  • Extenuating circumstances surround the case, of which you believe make your claims more valuable, but you are uncertain of how to prove
  • You believe that the insurance company’s settlement offer is far too low
  • You are seriously or permanently injured and have accrued significant medical bills
  • The accident left you moderately injured with residual disabilities of which you can expect to then incur further medical bills
  • The injured party is a minor whose injuries are far more than slight
  • You are unaware of the statute of limitations in your state and it has been almost a year since the accident – you are nowhere near close to settling your case
  • The other party’s insurance is disputing liability and you believe that you not responsible at all, or are only partially responsible for the accident
  • The other party, which you believe to be responsible for the accident, has served you with a lawsuit
  • There are complex circumstances surrounding the accident of which you believe might require further expert investigation

Allen Schulman and Associates: The Accident Lawyers That Will Get You the Compensation You Deserve

If your accident case is not crystal clear, then it is likely that you will benefit from the help of an experienced accident lawyer. Before you speak to the other party’s insurance company it is therefore recommended that you consult a professional. At Allen Schulman and Associates, we are here to help! We are your go-to accident attorneys, dedicated to serving you and getting you the compensation you deserve.

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