Accident lawyers are here to help you obtain the compensation you deserve following an accident. If you have been injured in an accident (be it a car accident, slip, and fall or any other type of accident that was not your fault and resulted in injury) you might be wondering if you should hire an accident lawyer. This question is especially common amongst victims who have sustained only seemingly minor injuries. If your injuries are minor following an accident, you might find yourself contemplating, “Is it even worth my time to hire an accident lawyer and make a claim?”

Many individuals who find themself as a victim in an accident where they suffered injuries, often fail to discuss the specifics of their incident with an accident lawyer because they are under the assumption that their injuries are minor. In many cases, this could be a huge mistake for the victim as they might lose much needed, valuable compensation to cover their losses.

As a general rule of thumb and as a victim in an accident – regardless of severity – if the law allows you to make a claim, you should make one. Otherwise, neglecting to speak with an accident lawyer about your case may mean that you are foregoing monies that you are entitled to. There are reasons in which you should speak with an accident lawyer, even if your injuries were not life-threatening.  Read on to learn more about less serious accidents and whether or not you should speak with an accident lawyer about yours.

Am I Allowed to Make a Claim?

Whether or not you can make a claim for an accident that caused you minor injury, pain and suffering will depend on whether or not the accident happened in a “no-fault” state. “No-fault” car insurance means that the automobile insurer will pay a portion or sometimes all of your medical bills, as well as lost earnings if you get into an automobile accident – regardless of whether or not it was your fault. Legislatures in almost a dozen states have endorsed no-fault car insurance in an effort to streamline the number of car accident claims, particularly the claims involving minor injuries.

In states that are no-fault, you are not permitted to make claims for damages against a negligent party unless your medical bills exceed a certain level of costs or if your injury is deemed particularly serious. The threshold that allows victims to consult accident attorneys and pursue a claim varies from state-to-state. Some states set a nominal figure as the threshold, for instance, you can only make a claim if your medical bills exceed $2,000. Other states may require either a minimum amount of medical expenses or a more serious injury like a broken bone.

Consulting with an accident attorney will help you to clarify any stipulations that may or may not prevent you from filing a claim for your minor injury case in the state in which the accident occurred.

Reasons You Should Speak with an Accident Lawyer About Your Potential Case

There are reasons that necessitate the need for you to speak with an accident lawyer about your potential case. Examples include if your injuries get worse or if you are contacted by the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Seemingly minor injuries sustained during the accident can get worse because symptoms that accompany injuries such as sprains, pain, and strains may not be apparent immediately following the accident. It may take days or even weeks for complications from these unknown injuries to arise. As a result, you might find that you incur additional, unexpected rehabilitation or other medical expenses and even lose income from taking unforeseen time off of work. Victims who suffer an injury of this nature often limit their chances of receiving full compensation because they neglected to speak with an accident lawyer about their potential case.

Not speaking with an experienced accident lawyer might also cause you to jump into accepting a less than satisfactory settlement from the guilty party’s insurance company. You might be desperate for funds after losing time at work and being responsible for unplanned medical bills, and therefore you might be tempted to accept the insurance company’s first offer. If you have already accepted a settlement, an accident lawyer will be limited in the damages that they are able to further collect on your behalf – if any.

For this reason, it is critical that you receive prompt medical attention immediately following the accident, regardless of the severity of your injuries. Furthermore, it is imperative that you contact an experienced accident lawyer who will help guide you through the time following the accident, as well as assist with any necessary claims.

Schulman, Roth and Associates Can Help You Determine the Necessary Actions Following Your Accident

Obtaining adequate compensation for an accident that involves minor injury often takes stellar negotiation skills with insurance companies. In such a case, an experienced accident lawyer will prove to be a valuable asset when it comes to being awarded the maximum compensation for your losses. Because insurance companies are notorious for avoiding payments or trying to minimize the value of small claims, it is therefore important that you have an experienced accident lawyer representing your best interest.

The skilled accident lawyers at Schulman, Roth and Associates will help to review all of the aspects involving your case, evaluate the worth of your losses, as well as advise you as to the most lucrative and fulfilling actions to take. When you have a Schulman, Roth and Associates accident lawyer on your side, you will receive the compensation you deserve, even for the most seemingly minor of injuries. Call (330) 456-4400 today for your free consultation.