“What exactly does an accident attorney do?” is a question that we hear often at the office of Schulman, Roth and Associates. To answer this inquiry simply, accident attorneys handle the injury or accident claims from harmed individuals. What that means is that our team represents you, or others, in need of help handling accident, injury, or loss cases. The job of our firm’s attorneys is to adequately represent those who have been injured due to the negligent acts or wrongdoings of another party. Accident attorneys specialize in helping families and individuals who have been affected by injury or death due to intentional or negligent acts.

When it comes to a personal injury claim, an accident attorney can make all the difference. This is because attorneys of this specialty are able to effectively and quickly navigate through the claims process and are capable of helping you to reach an unbiased agreement with the guilty party. In other words, it is the job of an accident attorney to ensure that the injured party receives reasonable compensation to restore “wholeness” after an injury has occurred at the liability of another party.

Each and every personal injury case is unique in its own right. However, there are specific roles that an accident attorney plays throughout the claims process of each. If you are interested in learning how a Schulman, Roth and Associates accident attorney can help with your case, read on for a few ways that are worth mentioning.

Accident attorneys are helpful because they take control of the following areas of the litigation process.

Assessing the Facts

Before you can move forward with a personal injury case, you must first know if a case even exists. Not only that but not every injury case should be pursued. An accident attorney will help to take a look at the overall case and determine whether the injured should move forward with litigation. The first thing that the attorney will do is to conduct a preliminary investigation into the matter. This includes sifting through all relevant witness statements and documentation, including the original accident report. Getting a better understanding of the evidence as it pertains to your claims, will help the attorney determine if a viable suit exists.

Take Control of the Investigation

After the accident attorney has determined the viability of the case, he/she will proceed to more thoroughly investigate the claims. This is done through a systematic on-site investigation that will take place at the scene of the accident. During this process, the attorney will take care to re-interview witnesses and consult experts on the matter at hand. The attorney might even go the length to hire experts, for example, an accident reconstruction expert. It is at this phase that the attorney will contact the negligent party, requesting a response via a written request.

Manage Filing of the Claims

Upon complete the investigative phase of the process, the attorney will then move forward with filing paperwork through the state court system. This step is where it is especially useful to have a Schulman, Roth and Associates accident attorney on your case, as they will ensure that every detail is handled on your behalf and that all requirements are met to ensure a successful filing.

Coordinate Negotiations

Generally speaking, it is more ideal to reach a settlement with the negligent party prior to the case going to trial. This saves both time and expenses for both parties. For this reason, accident attorneys will work tirelessly to come to a settlement agreement with the negligent party’s insurance company before the case reaches court. This is done through strategic negotiation that is leveraged with information that the attorney gained during their investigation, which they will use to strengthen your position in the bargain.

Oversee the Court Process

In the instance that a fair settlement between the two parties cannot be reached, the accident attorney will then take their place as a litigation manager. When necessary, he/she will file any relevant motions, prepare the witnesses, as well as take depositions. This is where Allen Shulman and Associates really shine. Our accident attorneys work actively to present each case in a manner that results in a judgment that works in the client’s favor. The ultimate goal being to earn monetary compensation for the client that is adequate enough to make the victim and their family (where applicable) feel whole again after they suffer injury or even death.

Let Schulman, Roth and Associates Lead Your Personal Injury Case to Success

At the end of the day, most injury cases boil down to the negligent party making a choice. Whether that choice was to speed, talk on the phone while driving, sell a subpar product, or break the law in some other way – it was this decision that ultimately resulted in the injury of the victim.

If you have been hurt in an accident due to a poor decision or fault of another party, call Schulman, Roth and Associates for help building a case that will result in the most satisfactory compensation for you.