Accident attorneys play a critical role in getting victims of accidents the compensation they deserve. Not all accident claims will require the guidance and representation of an accident attorney. However, due to the inherent complexities that surround personal injury claims, it is more often than not a good idea to consult an experienced accident attorney should you find yourself injured at the expense of another. Even the most seemingly minor injuries that result from an accident can benefit from the expertise of an accident attorney, in that they will work tirelessly to represent your best interest.

The answer to whether or not your claim requires representation from an accident attorney or whether you should attempt to handle the cases on your own is purely circumstantial. However, if any of the factors mentioned below apply to the circumstances surrounding your case, then it might be time that you consider consulting a skilled accident attorney to review your case.

There Is Uncertainty Surrounding Who is at Fault

If you are experiencing difficulty getting the at-fault party’s insurance company to settle – and settle fairly – due to any amount of uncertainty that exists around who was at fault for the accident, then it may be time to give an experienced accident attorney at call. A skilled accident attorney will help to resolve any underlying disputes that exist within your case. He/she will help to prove that the other party in the accident acted negligently and as a result, you sustained injuries that have resulted in losses in which you require compensation to recover from.

The Bills Are Piling Up

Not all accidents will result in hefty medical bills and expensive property damage, nor might they lead to serious injury. However, some accidents lead to a serious injury that results in large medical bills and that may even leave the victim nearly bankrupt. Generally speaking, for accidents that result in medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses that are in the hundreds of dollars you may not need not hire an accident attorney for; but for those claims in which totals exceed thousands, it is likely in your best interest to consult an experienced accident attorney. If your financial circumstances change as a result of the accident, then you should contact an accident attorney to review your case.

Your Accident Is Surrounded By Unique Circumstances

If the circumstances that surround your claim are unique and furthermore complicated, then you will likely benefit from hiring an accident attorney. Filing claims with a car insurance company, for example, is a relatively straightforward process. But what about those claims that surround permanent disability, slip and falls, public property, etc. – who is held liable then? Who should you file your claim against? If your case is unique or if you are unsure about who to go after to recover damages, you should then contact an accident attorney to review your case.

Your Injuries are Serious

If the injuries that you sustained as a result of the accident are serious and/or caused permanent damage you should not hesitate to contact an accident attorney. Though it is not always necessary to hire an accident attorney for minor injuries (though sometimes it is), if your injuries are severe and/or will have a lasting effect on your life, you most certainly will benefit from the representation of a skilled accident attorney. For example, injuries that involve serious impairment of bodily function, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, chronic pain, permanent disfigurement, and even death all require the help of an accident attorney. A serious injury might also be one that prevents you from your normal functions and/or abilities. For example, an injury that makes it impossible for you to further perform your job tasks.

Things to Consider When Deciding Whether or Not to Hire an Accident Attorney

As a recap, when deciding whether or not to hire an accident attorney, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the other party claiming responsibility for the accident or is fault being contested?
  2. What are your out-of-pocket expenses between medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to the accident?
  3. How serious were your injuries and how long did it take for you to recover from those injuries?
  4. Do you plan on taking the claim to court or settling?
  5. Are you willing to invest the time to learn how to effectively represent yourself and your claim?

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